Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome to Nation's Wisdom!

Have you ever had a Dvar Torah you would like to see published but didn’t know how? How about that Hashkafa thought that popped into your brain last week but you didn’t know what to do with it? Then this blog is for you. Welcome to Nation’s Wisdom, a new project from AIMeMTorah. After the success of our first project, Ancient Ideas for the Modern Mind (AIMeM), we are very excited to announce the launch of our newest venture. While AIMeM was created specifically for Divrei Torah on the weekly parshah, we have different plans for Nation’s Wisdom. On this blog we want to let you, the Jewish People, share the wisdom of the Torah.

Here’s how it works. First, write up an essay on whatever Torah topic you would like, it can be on the parshah, Halacha, Hashkafa, etc. Then send it in by Wednesday night of that week to have it reviewed and published before Shabbos. Your Dvar Torah will be posted on the blog, and the link will be placed on the AIMeM blog and will also be placed in the AIMeM weekly email and sent out to the entire AIMeM list! Just email your Dvar Torah to with the subject line Nation’s Wisdom and we will take care of the rest.

We hope you all take advantage of this great opportunity to help spread the light of Torah throughout Klal Yisrael. Stay tuned for more information on our new Facebook page and email lists.

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For more information on Ancient Ideas for the Modern Mind and AIMeMTorah, please email us at or visit the AIMeM blog at or our Facebook page by clicking here

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